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No Way! Said the Pool Owner When Asked If He Went Swimming

October 19, 2017

One of our officers retrieved a red diamond rattlesnake from a swimming pool today. The snake was spotted late last night and one of our officers safely removed the rattler today. Officer Dane Ericson used tongs to remove the snake, then placed it a humane container. The officer’s next step, in the spirit of preserving wildlife, relocated the rattlesnake in a safe area nearby, but far enough away from homes.

So, did the home owner take any pool plunges while the scaly visitor was inside the pool? “No way!” said the resident, Sahan Warnakulasuriya, who lives on Angelica Court in an unincorporated area between Corona and Riverside. The Sri Lankan man said he’s very used to snakes, such as cobras. But he never thought he’d end up with a rattlesnake in his pool.

Here’s a short video clip I put together, thanks to some footage provided by Mr. Warnakulasuriya: