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Article Library for Solving Behavior Problems

Our online Library contains valuable information for cat and dog owners. It is a great place to get answers to questions about cat or dog behavior.

Dog Behavior

Submissive Urination

Stop Your Dog Digging

Puppy Behavior Nipping

Puppy Behavior Chewing

Introducing A New Dog

House Training Puppies

Dogs Overcoming Noise

Dogs Destructive Chewing

Crate Training Your Dog

Canine Escape Artist

Barking Problems


Cat Behavior

Litter Box Training

Litter Box Problems

Kitties Rough Play

Introduction to Litter Box Training

Introducing A New Cat

Cat Destructive Scratching



Reducing Urine Marking

Prepare for a New Baby

Dog Training

Currently we do not offer training classes at any of our shelters.
To get a referral to a Certified Pet Dog Trainer in your area contact The Certified Council of Pet Dog Trainers at or 212-356-0682