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Looking For A Lost Pet?

Kennel Visitation Form Spanish

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Mail In Your License Renewal Or Initial Application

License Application Spanish Updated as 20210701-B

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Attending One Of Our Vaccination, Microchip, Licensing Clinics?

Vaccination Services Request Form

2020 Vaccine Schedule and Pricelist Spanish

2020 Vaccine Schedule and Pricelist English



Pet History And Consent Surgery Form

Pet History and Consent Form Spanish

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Surgery – After Care Instructions

After Care Instructions - Spanish 202301

After Care Instructions - English 202301

After Care Instructions - Chinese 202301



Barking Dog Complaint

Noisy Animal Declaration Spanish 2023-02

Noisy Animal Declaration English 2023-02



Public Records Request Portal

Submit your request by clicking the button below. You will receive a response in 10-days from when the custodian of records receives the request whether there are disclosable records or not (Government Code § 6253.c).

Public Records Portal

Records Request Form and Instruction Sheet




County ordinances have been grouped below by subject for ease of use. This grouping is called "Title 6". The ordinance number is referenced and you may visit the Riverside County main site for an ordered list of ordinances if you prefer that format.

These ordinances apply to residents living in the unincorporated areas of Riverside County. If you live in an incorporated city, please visit your city's web site.

Title 6: Animals

Other Laws Governing Animals

California law governs some areas of animal issues and some cities use California law rather than creating their own ordinances. Some laws governing animals are located under Food and Agricultural Code and some are under Health and Safety.

Dog Tethering

Noisy Animals