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Riverside County Animal Services works with transfer partner to give shelter pets new life

Female Animal Care Technician holding a small black dog. They are outside in front of a large blue bus,

February 22, 2024

Department of Animal Services staff were grateful to see dozens of shelter dogs receive a chance at a new and happy life thanks to the partnership with an animal welfare group that funded their transfer out of the San Jacinto and Coachella Valley campuses. 

A total of 77 dogs that had been made available to the public locally without adoption interest set off on a journey to the Midwest where potential adopters awaited on Wednesday, Feb. 21. The transfer was made possible with support from VCA Charities – a non-profit group that supports and funds the safe transfer of pets nationwide. 

“We are very proud of the partnerships that we continue to build with organizations dedicated to the health and welfare of animals. The best part is that these dogs are on their way to new homes with loving families. And that’s what we strive for every day,” said Riverside County Fifth District Supervisor Yxstian Gutierrez. 

As local shelters continue to see significant overcrowding, transfers like this one help to take some of the pressure off shelter pets in cramped kennels. Working together in this way helps to save shelter pets’ lives. 

“Partnerships such as this are important to finding homes for dogs and cats in our shelters,” said Riverside County Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. “We welcome this help and thank VCA Charities and the people in the Midwest USA for giving 77 shelter dogs a chance for a loving home.” 

As stray animals continue to enter the shelter every day, the community can help reduce the intake of strays by keeping pets leashed, collared with an ID tag and microchipped. And if you’ve lost or found a pet, visit to make a digital facial recognition match for a happy reunion. 

View adoptable pets here:

“Our dedicated staff is doing incredible work in service of the animals in our care. It is their effort to create and maintain relationships in the animal welfare community that helped make this transport possible,” Erin Gettis, director, Riverside County Department of Animal Services. 

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