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CRANE RESCUED, thanks to an SCE employee

May 10, 2022

Below is a video link from a crane rescue earlier today. The rescue happened shortly before 2 p.m. in the unincorporated area of Lakeland Village near Lake Elsinore. The property where the cranes were trapped was located in the 17600 block of Mackay Avenue. 

No. 1: Thanks for the interest.

No. 2: Please use this opportunity to remind fishing enthusiasts to clean up after themselves. Used lines can cause serious injuries and deaths to our flying friends.

Southern California Edison worker assisted with crane rescue on May 10, 2022 near Lake Elsinore, Calif. Two cranes were entangled in fishing line and both became stuck in a large tree, believed to be a breeding tree for the majestic birds. Unfortunately, the fishing line was wrapped around the neck of one of the trapped birds and killed it. The second bird dangled and, most likely exhausted, neared death too. Multiple agencies tried to help with heavy-duty equipment that feature ways to gain height, including CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department and the county’s Transportation and Land Management Agency. Even PETA got involved and hired a tree-trimming company. All efforts to reach the dangling crane proved unsuccessful. That is, until an SCE employee showed up with his bucket truck. He was able to stretch the bucket just high enough to use a special tool to cut the entangled bird and free it. Please note, Riverside County Animal Services Officer David Harris stood underneath the bird with a blanket -- but it was not necessary. Look to the left of frame just as the bird drops. Off it flies toward the lake. Thanks for watching. And, fishing enthusiasts: PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR USED LINES!