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The animals featured in the link below are available to rescue groups which are approved by the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. These animals are in need of rescue and may have medical and/or behavioral conditions that do not make them suitable for adoption by the general public but they may find forever homes with the assistance of rescue organizations. Riverside Animal Services makes no assertions about the availability, behavior or condition of any animal.

The pets are available as soon as they appear in the link below and on a first come first served basis. Rescue organizations are encouraged to call or email the rescue coordinator and make an appointment to immediately acquire any of these pets. Efforts will be made to hold the pet for the rescue organization that has made an appointment. A pet’s status may change at any time, however. Riverside Animal Services does not guarantee that any of the pets found in the link below will be available when you arrive at the shelter. Please note, the department may on a case-by-case basis, release any of these pets for public adoption.

Animals listed on the adoption page will be held for public adoption for two business days following their legal ‘hold’ requirements and before becoming available to animal rescue groups.

We have new animals arriving and being adopted daily. We will make every effort to maintain a complete and accurate list here. The link below refreshes every thirty (30) minutes.

All dogs with a status of “Needs Rescue” are available to adoption partner organizations immediately at no charge to the rescue, unless additional services are requested.

Dogs deemed adoptable by DAS will be made available to Shelter and SPCA partners after 10 days post impoundment. Dogs that have been pre-altered that meet the criteria of an SPCA/Shelter partner transfer would be made available to these partners at a $20 fee.

Contacts: Always include the seven digit animal ID in the query.

[email protected]

Please type “Rescue Interest” in the subject line.

Rescue Office hours:
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm


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