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Disaster Preparedness

Domestic Animals

Learn more about how to care for your dog, cat or other domesticated animal that you care for in your home while in the midst of a disaster.

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There are things you can do to keep your livestock, including horses, pigs, chickens and goats, safe during an emergency.

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Exotic Animals

Reptiles, birds, fish and other exotic animals require special care during a natural disaster. Click here to learn more.

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Sign up for Alerts

Alert RivCo is used to alert Riverside County community members of urgent actions to take during disasters, such as earthquakes, wildfires and floods.

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Pet Owner Evacuation Kit

It’s important to plan ahead and ensure you’ve prepared for your pets just as you would for the other members of your family.

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The Riverside Emergency Animal Rescue System performs animal rescue, evacuation, sheltering, care and welfare of domestic and livestock animals within Riverside County during times of disaster or extraordinary emergencies.

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