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Kitten Rescued from Pipe

December 8, 2022

Piper-Registered Veterinary Technicians Erica Morrow and Krystal Angeles assist cat after it was removed from a pipe.

This rescue (video link below) happened on Dec. 1 in the Woodcrest area (21621 Cajalco Road). The news hook is that the cat is now clear for adoption/rescue transfer.

What we love about this story: Officer Christopher Peck was on standby duty when this call came to us. Since he was responding from his home, he figured he should grab a tool from his garage -- just in case. His intuitions proved important in cutting the 6-inch long pipe so he would be able to transport the pipe (and stuck kitty) in his truck. As he said with a smile, "There was no way I was getting that pipe to fit in my truck."

He cut the pipe himself, then rolled to the shelter where his veterinary colleagues handled the safe removal of the kitten from the pipe.

The kitten, roughly 7 weeks of age, was nicknamed Piper by the staff at Riverside County Animal Services.