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WagmorPets Dog Rescue Jumps in to Assist

Almost two dozen neglected dogs started their new journeys today when a Studio City-based rescue organization agreed to take over their care.

Animal Services discovered the dogs on Friday, June 18, after a small fire threatened properties in the Woodcrest area. Animal control officers were called by firefighters to assist with potential rescue activities.

Twenty-some dogs were in kennels at a property in the 16000 block of Gamble Avenue and several were severely matted.

A senior couple lives at the property. The husband relinquished ownership of 22 dogs. He said his wife used to operate a legitimate kennel, but she has suffered serious health issues during the past year, has become bedridden and is unable to care for the dogs.

The breeds of the dogs included Pomeranians, Shih Tzus and terrier mixes.

Officer John Hergenreder and his colleagues retrieved the dogs and transported them to the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley where they were examined and treated by veterinary services team members.

Lt. Kyle Stephens assisted Officer Hergenreder. He and the team explained that the owners could possibly face animal cruelty allegations and other violations, but urged cooperation so the dogs could be helped immediately.

Kasey Sardarelli, who leads Riverside County Animal Services’ transfer partner team, reached out to WagmorPets Dog Rescue to seek assistance. WagmorPets has assisted the county with previous multi-dog operations.

“We never like to see dogs in these neglected conditions,” Animal Services Director Julie Bank said. “Getting them out and helped fast is the goal and we thank our partner WagmorPets for stepping up for these poor dogs and get them on a path of recovery – and into loving homes.”

Please note the video voiceover mentions the property of the neglected dogs was located in Home Gardens. The property is located in Woodcrest. We were initially told the property was in Home Gardens earlier in the day (and after completion of the video); but the locations was corrected for the news release.



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