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Multiple Groups Working Toward Animal Welfare

A coalition of shelter organizations is celebrating its sixth month as a team to work toward stronger collaboration on animal welfare and other goals.

The coalition, officially called the Animal Welfare Coalition of Riverside County, had not formally announced its formation until now.

Shelter organizations include municipal and nonprofit agencies. They are: Animal Samaritans (located in Thousand Palms), Loving All Animals (Coachella), The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center (Riverside), Moreno Valley Animal Services, Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, the Ramona Humane Society (San Jacinto) and the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (operating shelters in Blythe, Jurupa Valley and Thousand Palms).

“We’re proud to be part of working together with other leaders in our caring community of animal organizations,” Riverside County Animal Services Director Julie Bank said. “Collaboration is key, and we can learn much from speaking with each other and better tackle critical issues in the animal world.”

Issues the coalition have discussed and are discussing include operations during a pandemic, post-COVID- 19 reopening plans, community cat programs, mobile spay and neuter outreaches and diversion programs. The members also discuss lost and found trends, adoptions, transfers to partners, data collection ideas, training and, of course, animal welfare.

“We are all planning to analyze our data and programs to share, compare and learn how we might assist each other,” said Tamara Hedges, president of the board for the Friends of the Palms Springs Animal Shelter. “Our goal of this collaborative effort is to work together in an effort to better serve our communities for both animals and people.”

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Western Riverside: (951) 358-7387 (PETS)
San Jacinto: (951) 358-7387
Coachella Valley: (760) 343-3644
Blythe: (760) 921-7857

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