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Ultimately rescued by officers with some key assistance from construction crew

Below is a short video featuring an odd circumstance for a burro in the area east of Highgrove. As many of you know, the hills in the Reche Canyon – and elsewhere near Reche Canyon, are filled with herds of burros. Some additional details are below the video link. Thank you for the interest.

Riverside County Animal Services made sure this burro made it out of a strange predicament in an area of Riverside County east of Highgrove. The burro, apparently, slipped into a sinkhole, presumably in the early morning hours on Nov. 21 (2019). The incident happened, also presumably, due to recent rains that could have softened up some dirt where the animal was grazing. Animal Services officers Christopher Peck, Lorena Barron-Lopez and Kyle Stephens responded to the scene at about 10 a.m. The incident was near Pigeon Pass Road and High Grove Pass Road. The officers received excellent assistance from a construction crew from Inland Erosion Control Inc. The crew members created a makeshift dirt ramp and the burro eventually walked out on its own and did not appear to be injured. It's uncertain how long the critter was in the hole. It may have been a male burro, but we are uncertain of the sex of the animal.

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